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Adam Newman.

Personal Mission:

 I facilitate humans to find inner peace, fulfill their full potential and contribute positively to our environmental, social, economic and spiritual co-existence.


Originally born in the mountainous countryside of Divide, Colorado I have also lived in Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil and traveled to more than 30 different countries. I am a global citizen and as such I see my role to be a bridge-builder that connects complementary ecosystems, Scarcity –> Abundance, Students –> Teachers, Hate–> Love, Ancestral Knowledge –> Modern Technology etc.

After studying business entrepreneurship at Arizona State in the United States in 2011, I made the bold move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… a country I had never been to, a language I didn’t speak, a land where I didn’t know anyone. 8 years later, 4  organizations created, and an infinite amount of learning experiences I find myself living in the favela community of Vidigal working to build our social impact tourism company Favela Experience and cultivate hubs of social innovation, education and incubation through our non-profit, Favela Inc. In my spare time, you can find me in a waterfall, summiting a mountain, running on the beach, or in the Yawanawa indigenous community studying plant medicine, holistic healing, and shamanism.

Professional Mission:

I am dedicated to cultivating sustainable ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship in low-income communities throughout the world

My Organizations & Businesses:

social impact tourism

Favela Experience.

A social impact tourism company that serves to connect people, ideas and resources from around the world with dynamic favela residents, organizations and services through culturally immersive spaces and experiences. Since our inception in 2014,  we have brought more than 7,000 travelers from 45 countries to the favela and generated over a R$1,000,000 in the local economy.

Favela Experience B2B division builds innovative programming and partnerships with universities, non-profits and travel agencies from around the world. Our B2C platform facilitates conscious travelers from all over the world to easily discover and book online authentic, safe and impactful experiences operated 100% by local community residents.

non-governmental organization

Favela Inc.

A registered non-profit organization that cultivates and incubates sustainable impact ecosystems that facilitate innovation and access to education, infrastructure and investment for favela-centric startups, non-profits and institutions.

Favela Inc. was founded and is based out of the hub of social innovation, a favela-based co-working space that provides local entrepreneurs, social projects and community leaders with a high quality, safe and professional environment to work on improving themselves, their organizations and the community. Eventually we hope to expand and open similar spaces in low-income communities throughout Rio and beyond.

Please check out how we are serving the Vidigal favela during the COVID-19 crisis through our initiative VIDIGAL VIVE.

To make a donation click here.

Nature based goods & Experiences

Da Floresta.

A social business that creates sustainable commercial ecosystems in indigenous communities that preserve their economic autonomy and cultural identity, while improving the quality of human life around the world through sharing indigenous knowledge and products. 

Our online store offers a variety of nature based medicines and artesanal goods such as Rapé, Sananga, Syrian Rue, traditional bracelets and necklaces and more. All of our products are fair trade and directly sourced in partnership with the community. For those looking for a more intimate experience, we also organize spiritual journeys to visit indigenous tribes and plant-medicine healing centers.

New dates for upcoming spiritual retreats to the Yawanawa coming soon as travel restrictions are diminished due to the current COVID-19 crisis.


Virtual reality 

Executive Director  &  Cofounder

Humano’s mission is to consciously use emerging technology and media to empower local communities to share and preserve environmental, spiritual and cultural wisdom.

We believe that it is essential to integrate of the communities we seek to serve into our processes in order to ensure alignment between intention, local needs and long-term impact.

Most recently, Humano led the production of a virtual reality film made by Yawanawa indigenous creators in Acre, Brazil through the support of a grant from Google and in partnership with Outside TV and the Adventure Film Festival

We are currently collaborating with the film makers of soon to be released One Forest, a documentary and impact campaign to promote indigneous rights and preservation of the Amazon rain forest. 

Humano is collaborating with the Yawanawa people to help finance, document and launch a center dor spiritual development and indigenous school.


Nova Era.

A culturally infused and sustainable community based space in the hillside favela of Vidigal consisting of co-working, co-living, and a bar and terrace area.

Nova Era was built on the belief that hospitality and acomodation experience doesn’t end at check-in and goes way beyond the physical space. Travelling and living abroad is more fufilling in a community where diverse minds come together to live in harmoney and pursue living a life of positivity and purpose.

Founded in 2014, Nova Era has received thousands of co-livers from nearly 46 countries and we are proud to say we co-created something truly unique. Check out what our amazing friends and customers have to say on our tripadvisor page.

Currently Nova Era is without a space as the Brazilian economic recession wasn’t kind to us but we are currently evaluating a new location in the community and are open to potential collaborators and investors

Bed and breakfast

Rio Palazzo.

A small, chic B&B located in the wonderful artistic district of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We provide our guests with a high quality experience at an affordable price.

The Rio Palazzo was launched in 2012 and has 5 beautiful rooms located in a one of a kind colonial mansion surrounde by the Atlantic rainforest and with views of the Sugar loaf mountain and Christ the redeemer statue. 

Although I am no longer involved in the daily operations, the team there is doing a wonderful job of continuning to offer people an affordable, personable, and high-quality experience. 

If you are interested in staying at the Rio Palazzo, make sure to read about all of our past guests experiences on the Rio Palazzo trip advisor page.

Measures of Sucess:

Languages spoken

Areas of expertise:​

Community-based Tourism

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Impact Travel

Social Impact Business Development

Non-profit management

Brazilian Indigenous Communities

Brazilian Favelas

Plant medicine & Spirituality

Hospitality Management

Virtual Reality Storytelling

Emotional Intelligence

Heart-driven Leadership

Let's build something beautiful

Create… Cultivate… Collaborate… Community



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